Nothing wrong when a song ends in the minor key (suedeicicle) wrote in tori_request,
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Honey Request

Could someone make me a FO banner? I'm in the mood for a new one. It can be of any picture of Tori using whatever style/design. I was thinking that it could have these lyrics from Honey:

Don't bother coming down
I made a friend of the western sky
Don't bother coming down
You always like your babies tight

Maybe also include somewhere "You're just too used to my honey" and then of course, Friends Only: Comment To Be Added! I will credit. Whoever does this for me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! :-)
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I forgot to add "You're just too used to my honey"!!!! :o(

Image hosted by
I'm gonna change a couple of things...I'll post it here when I get done...and you can pick whichever you like..or :oP
Both are lovely! Your work is amazing.
any chance that i could get that pic of her in the background the way you have it there, with the lyrics in the corner, minus her crouching on the left and the "friends only comment to be added" part? i really like the way you set it up and i'll keep it noted that you designed it like that. very cool work.
Gorgeous work! It's perfect! Thank you. *hugs* :-)